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Cookie Dough Fundraiser

A Cookie Dough Fundraiser that Reaps Sweet Rewards

cookie dough fundraiser

Cookie dough fundraisers are one of the most popular and effective methods of raising funds for cheerleading groups, churches, schools and sports teams. Like many fundraisers, they require a few weeks of order taking and money collection followed by order placement. Two- to three-pound cookie dough tubs are then delivered a few weeks after order and payment is received. It’s easy, fun to sell, and fun to eat.

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Similar to most cookie fundraisers, you and your team of volunteers will need to collect orders and money before placing your bulk order with us. We provide all the tools you need, including:

Once your orders are complete in the tally program, your order will be placed and will arrive to you about 2 weeks later.

We offer a gourmet product. Our home-style cookie dough (and gluten free cookie dough) offers generous portions of the highest quality ingredients and produced with the highest quality standards. Savory Foods recipes remain unchanged after 25 years. In fact, we have never reduced the amount of “inclusions” in our products; meaning you still get the same amount of chocolate chips in each delicious bite. Our customers come back year after year -- many have used Savory foods for more than 15 years.

Cookie Dough Fundraiser Profit

The profit chart below is based on a recommended selling price of $15 to $18 per tub. However, one of the key benefits of working with Savory Foods is that YOU control the selling price. So you and your group could make even more than what’s shown below … you determine your profit!

Cookie Dough Tubs SoldYour Profit
2500$12,500- $26,000+
500$2500- $4575+

  • No Upfront Costs
  • You Control Your Profit
  • Higher-Quality (Better Tasting) Cookies
  • Gluten-Free Cookie Options
  • Three-Pound Cookie Dough Tubs (vs. 2-lbs. that others offer)
  • Free Delivery (with low minimum order)
  • Free Brochures and Custom Parent Letter to Help Your Efforts
  • Free Tally Software and Order Submission
  • You Pay Only the Cost of the Cookie Tubs (you keep your profit)
  • Automatic Entry for a $5,000 College Scholarship or Free Florida Vacation

About 5 years ago, a local company was given the Savory Foods Cookie Dough fundraiser form and all of them purchased the “token” tub to support a coworker’s child’s fundraiser. The next year, the form was taken back to the office and the company purchased so many that they were the top selling family in the school. Very exciting. They left the preschool and continued asking for the cookie dough flier and have continued to do that year after year because the cookies are so good. Thank you for making a quality product for our families. -- Wendy Brown, Administrator, Treehouse Preschool

What a wonderful turnout! For the people that ordered the popcorn, I have heard nothing but great comments. Everyone is happy with their orders! Thank you for such fast service and for being with me from the beginning. I am definitely looking forward to doing business with you again. - Melissa, AR

"Hi! Just wanted to let you know I recently purchased 3 tubs of cookie dough from a high school fundraiser and I sure wish I could buy your cookie dough in the grocery store!!! It's actually good enough to use for Christmas baking and say they're homemade--chuckle. I hope I run into someone closer to Christmas selling your cookie dough so I can cheat a little. Thanks for a great product!!" - Elisabeth

Feel free to read other success stories shared by our prior customers. Or get started if you’re ready to begin.

Allergen Notice: Our products are manufactured in a facility that also produces peanut and treenut products.


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